Thursday, February 15, 2007


I loved this chapter! I love the whole creation and the intelligent design debate, but this was a whole new twist on the topic that I had never thought about before. Every account of evolution I've studied in geology really does end with the creation of man, but by no means do I believe that world was created for us. Religion teaches us this as well. Earth was made for us, that's how it always ends (but wait a minute, nothing has ended yet!!!!) I mean, for a species that has existed for an eye-blink of the earth's history, it sure is selfish of us to think it was created for us. Yet humankind takes its resources for granted, like on page 61: "If the world was made for us, then it belongs to us and we can do what we damn well please with it." Ah, if only we could take the words of Aldo Leopold and recognize that we are not the rulers of the earth but mere constituents of its community. We are not the king but mere subjects. We build and use and destroy, even so, hurricanes and earthquakes still bring us down to our knees. I do, however, want to refute the statement that "man's appearance caused no more stir than the appearance of a jellyfish." (pg 58) Did jellyfish drill oil fields, build highways and erect skyscrapers, destroy our coasts, and drop atomic bombs? Would they ever have developed this capacity. How selfish we are.

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