Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How Silly of Me!

Ishmael talks about how the gods have played tricks on us. For instance, "they didn't put the world where the Takers thought it belonged, in the center of the universe." And moreover, that "they should have the decency to produce him in a manner suited to his dignaty and importance, - in a separate, special act of creation." (pg. 103)

I love how ironic Ishmael can be, and I love these statements. If there is one thing that has keep the human species from learning and discovering the truth is ego and pride. So sad that something so intangible is the hardest thing to swallow.

I also loved the beauty presented from the idea of the lion and the gazelle. It's so true that only to us are they mortal enemies, to them it's natural and the way of life, and its beautiful. There are so many things in life that are given taboos that are perfectly natural and beautiful, and they are shoved under the rug for one reason or another. Open your minds!

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davidpauldorn said...

Jenn, do you think that man has a natural prejudice towards its disposition on the planet?
I mean, can we think of ourselves as anything other than retaining an essential importance on this planet?(i.e. the center of the universe?)
We have changed so much of the Earth already, and we have discovered far more about the universe than could have ever been thought possible. The last 50 years of human life has been one of incredible advancement amidst the underdevelopment of certain cultures in our species. This should say a lot about Western centralization of technical abilites, as well as an overall desire to perpetuate a human integration to technological boundaries.
I am pleased to see that you appreciate the beauty in our surrounding planet. However, is there no plasure found in transhumanism? Nor the support of technology to improve our understanding of and existence in the world? To me, this is natural. This is the progressive movement which embraces the Earth and keeps its egocentric human race of vital import.
I am not attempting to disregard your fervid inquiry. I only ask this: upon what altar should human advancement be sacrificed and ultimately be reborn. Truth? Justice? Psychology? Why are our advancements not regarded as beautiful and natural? Arg! I sound like a wing of politice I do find endearing!!