Friday, February 9, 2007

After today's discussion, I was thinking that there is perhaps a startling feature to the vision of mankind. This feature can be thought of as the 'destined goal of humanity'. I think what is implied here is the myth about mankind's potential because it assumes we exist to achieve either a furthering of our species alone or that we have a purpose beyond that of our current position in the universe.
I believe that humans are starting to understand that our myth may be well intentioned, but is purely romantic. We all would love to see a more advanced humanity, but we should not lock ourselves in a box of anthropocentric design.
Why must we have a myth or story which seeks to focus human potential back onto itself? Why can't our vision of humanity being the 'final aim of the universe' simply be a vision of beings with a great amount of potential?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting, David, but could you possibly re-phrase? It sounds like you're dissatisfied with some discourse, and are suggesting a new one. I'm trying hard, but I have trouble comprehending what exactly you're suggesting.

davidpauldorn said...

I keep thinking Ishamel suggests that humans have see themselves as the end goal of the universe.
In response, I was suggesting that any other myth would still include our human race and emphasize our potential in it. Perhaps there is no separation of humanity from its "story"(myth).